Instructor led Training (ILT) or Facilitator-led Training, additionally referred to as Group Collaborative Learning (GCL) allows trainees to work and learn together in specified teams, on some structured activities. An Instructor guides the learners during the entire training procedure and simplifies the learning experience for the learners.

Our Best Instructor-led Training Company in India, Canada, UK and the US provides the panel members of the Forward Eye Technologies; recognize that trainings are much more fun when pursued together. Instructor-led Training experts consider, learning in teams develops structured approaches and rational solutions to real-world issues and problems.

Features & Benefits:

  • 1 Standardize, Effective and engaging
  • 2 Active participation of learners
  • 3 Formulates thoughtful discussions
  • 4 Reinforced learning
  • 5 Increased retention
  • 6 Enhances communication skills

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